The integrity of the international credit rating Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the integrity of post doctoral scientific research workstation postdoctoral workstation") by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security audit, approved by the Ministry of human resources and social security, the National Postdoctoral Management Committee (approval: the Department issued [2013] No. 61), established in September 2013, is the company's research and development the platform aims at cultivating high-level researchers credit field, strengthen credit theory research, and enhance the technical level of credit and risk management, technological innovation and promote the development of China rating industry, to better serve the financial market. CCXI is the first domestic credit rating agencies, has a leading position in the industry, the rating agencies are China most standard, the most professional, most influential. CCXI after 20 years of practice, the credit rating system developed a set of mature for Chinese economic practice, completed a number of groundbreaking rating business and technology, has greatly promoted the development of Chinese rating market and bond market. CCXI has been the regulators, issuers, investors and intermediaries for the most credit providers of opinion recognized market leader. In the evaluation of bond market investors in the inter-bank market, investors have been continuously recognized by the credit rating agencies. CCXI in 2006 and Moodie (Moody s Investors Service ") joint venture, become a member of the Moodie Investors Service Inc. The theoretical research and promote the development of the capital market China CCXI has been paying attention to by the State Council, the Three Gorges Project Construction Committee commissioned the construction of the Three Gorges "financing overall plan"; in cooperation with the National Development Bank research, completed the "report on" risk Chinese area, and provide consulting services in the credit limit risk rating and credit risk management area for CDB; and Renmin University of China jointly organized "Chinese macroeconomic forum", released quarterly analysis of "Chinese macroeconomic and forecast report" in 2011, and Wuhan University established a research partnership between the two sides to carry out local government debt and the balance sheet on 2012; cooperation with the foreign trade university, School of finance, to complete the "national debt determinants" report. These activities have won wide reputation and social influence for the company, and produced great social effects. The post doctoral research station, according to the State Department, the Beijing Municipal Personnel Bureau and other departments on postdoctoral work policy and the spirit of the relevant documents, the establishment and organization of special training and management system, extensive cooperation with Renmin University of China, University of International Business and Economics, Wuhan University, Chinese Institute of Social Studie and other universities and research institutions, joint training postdoctoral researchers, research field sovereign credit rating relates to the field of research, technology research, research on local government debt risk and asset securitization rating technology research, has important theoretical and practical significance, research on development of China rating industry will play a role in promoting the great.